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Dojo in a box

As it is for many dojos, finding space to practice is hard.  Mizu no Kokoro has now stepped into a new space.  We have stayed in the same complex, Dixie Farm Business Park, just moved down the street to suite 140-D.  We got the keys and began moving in our equipment this weekend.  Big thanks to Allan, Crystal, Sara, Jason, and Caitlin for helping move gear and start the setup.  Special thanks to Allan and Crystal for helping with the tear down of the old space and Caitlin for helping with the first move to storage (in the high temps!) so we could clean the old space for transfer.  And for Sara and Allan and Crystal (again) for helping get everything out of storage  (again with the extreme heat!) and into the new space.


Hallooo over there.

The facility management is still working on some items like ceiling tiles and lights, but our gear is in and as you can see from the pictures, we tested putting out the mats…

We are working on upgrading the mats in the next month or so, but we will be open for training (in the midst of our stacked gear) on Wednesday, the 16th.

Tomorrow night, Monday the 14th, will be open work time for anyone who wants to help sort the gear and stack it awaiting the other facility modifications we are going to make. (can’t say no one will be rolling on the mats… they will be down after all)  Or anybody who just wants to see what the new place looks like in person.  Our ‘grand opening’ will be later in the fall, but that is no reason… no reason at all, to delay starting to train for the first time or back to training after our break.

See you on the mat!


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