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Against all speculation and notwithstanding the views from cameras around the dojo space, there was NO DAMAGE to the dojo equipment!  There was one ceiling tile that fell through but a strategically placed trashcan under a suspicious spot caught about 6″ of water and none got on the mats or any other equipment!  I am completely amazed.

So.  We will continue this journey quicker than I imagined.  There are still many issues for folks in Houston and now much of southeast Texas and western Louisiana. Please keep them in your thoughts and if you can help, do.

Now that we have passed that crisis, there is other news!

We will be continuing the modifications and build-out of the facility beginning very soon.  Stay tuned to this site and our Facebook page for any modifications to class schedules for that effort.

And more news!  Tora no Tsume, Shin Shin Ryu Iaijutsu ( https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=tora%20no%20tsume%20shin%20shin%20ryu%20iaijutsu ), is moving in with us.  A couple of years ago, Ash Welborn and Doug Pillow gave us a Shin Shin Ryu embu, and we were very impressed.  When we moved to the new facility, they were in need of a new place and are coming over.  Having additional traditional Japanese arts in the facility will be a great thing.  We look forward to cross-training on occasion and when we have our ‘grand opening’ later this year, we will definitely have them demonstrate their art!

We’ll have more announcements soon on our build-out, new mats, ‘grand opening’ (now that we’ve survived, that is), so keep watching… and, more importantly, come on in!  We will be continuing to practice starting Monday at 6pm unless we are in construction mode!


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