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Mizu no Kokoro is open for practice!  There’s still construction on-going and painting to be done, but not only are the mats out for practice but, thanks to a friendly soul who had some water losses, we were able to salvage underlay mats for our space!  We had been practicing with only one layer of our old mats… and you very definitely knew when you hadn’t made a good roll.  With the new underlay the rolling is more forgiving.  We will be adding a tatami top to the surface in October and retiring our old mats to demonstrations, simulation walls, etc.

One other note is that there has been an increase in dues – monthly fees for adults will now be $125.00.  This is the first increase in many years and is mainly the result of getting a space we can grow in.  Children’s class fees will not change.  Also note that we are working on dedicated children’s classes to start up later this fall, but for now the policy is still for parents to train with their children below the age of 14 (between 12 and 14 consult with the instructor).

So.  The bottom line is that there is no longer any excuse for not coming out and starting practicing; starting or renewing.  Put it on your schedule… now.  Everyone needs a little stress-relief (or a lot) and Aikido gives you the release and better ways to deal with some of it.

See you on the mats!


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