shutterstock_samuraisrestThis page will be devoted to posts of a wide-ranging nature.  Mainly philosophical, it may include videos or audio.  Please forgive my rants and feel free to disagree.  As I have said many times in practice – “I am not ‘the Master,’ merely a student a little further down the path”  And, “Question everything.”  Particularly in martial arts.  If your instructor cannot give you an answer for ‘why’, then he needs to question what he/she is teaching.  Now, the answer may be, “That is the way it is taught in this organization,” or “by my instructor.”  And that’s an ok answer as far as it goes.  You, yourself will have to answer whether or not it is sufficient for you.  But remember the etiquette here as well.  Ask the question respectfully.  If it isn’t a good enough answer for you to continue training there, leave… respectfully.  No one is required to train at a specific place.  This also applies to comments here and on the rest of this website.  Inappropriate comments will notbe tolerated.


A mind like water

Mizu no Kokoro, “A mind like water” Mizu no Kokoro, a mind like water. A phrase often repeated in martial arts training. But what does it really mean? And what, possibly, are other interpretations of the phrase? And, does this … Continue reading →