mizunokokoro-patch4-webszWelcome to the Mizu no Kokoro Aikikai!

Mizu no Kokoro is a Japanese concept translated as “A mind/heart like water.” More specifically it is often taken as “A mind like still water,” referring to a state of mind which allows one to calmly reflect on life and its trials. We at Mizu no Kokoro Aikikai (“a gathering of Aikidoka”) cultivate this mindset as we train in the Way of Aikido while exploring the other aspects of a mind like water, its strength, flow, quickness and stillness. In the style of Aikido practiced here, there are no competitions. We all work to strengthen each other’s practice. As one instructor puts it, “like sharpening stones and steel.”

Mizu no Kokoro Aikikai practices at the Dixie Farm Business Park, 15255 Gulf Fwy, 174-B, Houston, TX 77034
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Please join us for good, solid Aikido practice and the comradeship of those who move along the Way!

Breaking News

Johnson Space Center Health and Safety Day

For those of you who work over at the Space Center, Mizu no Kokoro will have a booth over by Building 4 on the mall for Health and Safety Day. Come by and say hi. I don’t know about ‘demonstrations’, but… “What if I did this?” By the way it is a movie theme this year with each booth assigned a blockbuster movie name and there will be voting for the ‘best picture’. We got designated “Enter the Dragon.”  Go figure.

“Be like water, my friend.”


Late news

Sorry, I am way late posting this, but let me get it out and hopefully I will have some pictures and things to follow up a little later.

Last week Nick Levy took his 7th Kyu test – results:  PASS!  Congratulations Nick.  Your certificate is in the mail and on its way.