Hombu Dojo – the home of Aikido’s Doshu, Ueshiba Moriteru

Aikido World Alliance

Aikido World Alliance Home – Sato Sensei

Cape Fear Aikido Association – Price Sensei

Houston Aikido Academy – Aguirre Sensei

Ikushinkan Dojo at San Jacinto College – Woodby and Gargrave Sensei’s

Wadokan Dojo – Galdamez Sensei

University of Houston Aikido Club – Bahar Sensei

Other local Aikido Dojo’s (particularly ones we’ve trained with)

Shudokan Dojo – Garcia Sensei

Links to other ‘interesting’ Aikido information.

Note that these are ‘interesting things’.  The opinions and attitudes do
not necessarily reflect those of Galveston Aikikai or its instructors.  They
may be instructive for those that are walking the various ‘Way’s’ and help us
to understand some of the concepts that underlie what we practice.  In some
cases they may give you a reason for some of the more esoteric things that
are done as parts of our practice.  Things to think about.  Please let us know
if there are other ‘interesting things’ you’ve encountered in your martial
arts journeys through the web.

AikiWeb: Aikido Information
Large store of Aikido information, regularly updated with many contributors.


Aikido Journal

Another large store of Aikido information – don’t know if it’s being updated these days, but it still has a lot of interesting information.

One of the best Japanese-English-Japanese on-line dictionaries

An article by Dave Lowery on ‘entering the dojo’

An article on ‘deshi’.

A Mind Like Water – Vincent Paul Cooper

“Be like water” – Bruce Lee

Sword Forum International